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Annika Hillerbrand

Director, Marketing

Annika began her career at Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC) in 2018, as a scribe, and quickly transitioned to roles in TAUC’s Operations and Patient Experience departments. Annika leverages data-driven insights to launch marketing campaigns, streamline processes, and foster cross-functional collaborations to meet organizational goals and deliver high-quality, patient-centric healthcare services. She is deeply committed to enhancing each patient’s experience by utilizing patient feedback to drive operational excellence and position Urgent Care Group as a leader in the urgent care market. 

As Marketing Director at Urgent Care Group (UCG), Annika supports the delivery of fast, friendly, and affordable healthcare through her commitment to patient satisfaction and expanding access to urgent care in new markets. Annika spearheads innovative marketing strategies that increase brand visibility and patient engagement for UCG’s subsidiary brands. In her role, she effectively develops digital marketing campaigns to drive patient acquisition and retention, scales brands in new markets, and cultivates strategic partnerships. Annika has successfully implemented analytics-based approaches to optimize marketing initiatives, resulting in improved ROI’s and heightened market penetration for UCG urgent care centers. 

Annika earned her Bachelor of Science from North Carolina State University. In her spare time, she volunteers as a Team Leader for KIVA, an international nonprofit that funds business loans for the underserved.