Ashley Williams

Vice President, Patient Experience

Ashley has dedicated her career to simplifying every step of the typical healthcare experience. From the moment a patient needs care, Ashley’s goal is to create easy and friendly access to the highest quality of healthcare. From calling the clinic, to online check-in, to receiving care, to sharing medical records, and to a streamlined billing process, every step is designed to remove barriers for patients. By listening to each patient’s feedback, Ashley uses this information to create operational efficiencies and develop teams that relentlessly strive for excellence.

Prior to joining the Urgent Care Group team, Ashley served as the Vice President of Operations for the highest-ranked healthcare system in Greater St. Louis, Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC). Ashley helped TAUC grow from 4 centers to 27 and managed the billing, information technology, human resources, marketing, and front desk operations. Ashley is excited to expand access to high-quality healthcare with the Urgent Care Group.